California’s Best Cozy Christmas Getaways

California, the land of surf and sun, also has the best cozy Christmas getaways! Whether you’re into snowboarding, Dickens carolers at historical landmarks or a gourmet Christmas dinner with a perfectly paired wine, you’ll find it right here, in the Golden State. We’ve listed the best winter getaways below. So, check it out, find oneContinue reading “California’s Best Cozy Christmas Getaways”

7 Places to Spot California Sea Otters

California sea otters, also known as southern sea otters, inhabit the California coast, from Half Moon Bay to Santa Barbara. They are warm-blooded mammals, related to minks, weasels and skunks. Although undeniably adorable, these furry critters boast more than just a pretty face. Sea otters use tools; consequently scientists recognize them as one of theContinue reading “7 Places to Spot California Sea Otters”

3 Best Monarch Butterfly Groves in California

If you’re a fan of the monarch butterfly, plan a trip to observe them during migration at one of the California groves listed below. Plus, keep reading to see how you can help preserve these beautiful creatures! Every year, starting in late October, Western North American monarch butterflies traverse the California coast to escape harshContinue reading “3 Best Monarch Butterfly Groves in California”

Visit these 7 Hotspots in Death Valley this Fall

Stark desert beauty welcomes visitors to California’s Death Valley and Fall is arguably the best time to go. The valley, situated between the Amargosa and Panamint mountain ranges, features a closed basin, rugged canyons, sand dunes and snow-capped mountains. Originally named for a group of lost pioneers in 1849, Death Valley brims with organisms thatContinue reading “Visit these 7 Hotspots in Death Valley this Fall”

How San Francisco Introduced Irish Coffee to the US

San Francisco played a major role in the popularity of Irish coffee. Although various people and places lay claim to the creation of the creamy libation, the most popular is that it originated at Foynes Airport in Ireland. Foynes, located in County Limerick of Angela’s Ashes fame, was a frequent stop for those flying betweenContinue reading “How San Francisco Introduced Irish Coffee to the US”

10 Catalina Adventures Waiting for YOU

Attention, ocean lovers, adrenaline junkies and fun seekers everywhere! A bounty of adventure awaits you on Catalina Island. Catalina lies approximately 29 miles from Long Beach Harbor, or an hour boat ride from Long Beach, San Pedro, Newport or Dana Point Harbor. The glorious Mediterranean climate and abundance of activities attract more than 1 millionContinue reading “10 Catalina Adventures Waiting for YOU”

16 California Charities Making a Difference this Christmas

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is almost here. We are all getting back into the groove of “normal” life, but some are still struggling in many ways. So, I prepared this list of California charities making a difference across our state. Every organization listed received a 4 STAR rating from Charity Navigator. I listedContinue reading “16 California Charities Making a Difference this Christmas”

21 Don’t-Miss Christmas Light Displays in California

Californians are hard to please. We want to run barefoot in December and still enjoy a Winter Wonderland. We want beach weather, plus a White Christmas! So, what can we depend on to make our eyes gleam and our hearts warm (beside giving to a great charity)? Twinkling holiday lights! Soon the Golden State willContinue reading “21 Don’t-Miss Christmas Light Displays in California”

11 Best Dog Beaches in California

When I think about the best California dog beaches, I can’t help but think of my own experience. Last summer, we introduced our dog to the beach, with visions of doggie surf contests dancing in our heads. Little did we know that he would be too enchanted with a hot poodle sunning herself to evenContinue reading “11 Best Dog Beaches in California”