The 26 Best California Tide Pools

The Golden State is famous for sandy beaches and glorious sunshine. But, If you only visit the beach to surf or check out the waves, you’re missing out on a fascinating world of ocean creatures living in California’s tide pools. How Tide Pools Form Tides move at the rhythm of the the sun and moon’sContinue reading “The 26 Best California Tide Pools”

8 Southern California Halloween Events

Think Halloween is canceled this year? Stay safe, healthy and FUN with these 2020 Southern California Halloween events. HALLOWEEN ISN’T CANCELED THIS YEAR!It’s just different. This complicated virus scares some of us so much we want to run upstairs and hide under the bed. While we all want to stay safe, we must also takeContinue reading “8 Southern California Halloween Events”

Prevent Boredom by Switching-up Your Go-to Beach with these 8 best So Cal Beaches

Refresh your family by visiting a new beach! Swap-out your regular beach hang for one of these best 8 in Southern California.

Top 10 Hotels on California Highway 1

I love driving the hilly cliffs of HWY 1 up through Big Sur, over the Pacific and back down to SLO