8 Southern California Halloween Events

Think Halloween is canceled this year? Stay safe, healthy and FUN with these 2020 Southern California Halloween events.

It’s just different.

This complicated virus scares some of us so much we want to run upstairs and hide under the bed. While we all want to stay safe, we must also take precautions to protect our mental health. Yearly celebrations remind our psyche that life is going on as normal. Even more importantly, holidays like Halloween connect us with family, friends, flesh-eating zombies and neighbors.

This year, we are partying differently, but party we MUST. Below are a few ideas to get you started. A few great events like Freeform’s Drive-thru have sold out. If you find something you like, snatch it up before some other ghoul does. After all, there’s no crying on Halloween.

8 Southern California Halloween Events:

1. LA: Haunted Hayride: Live Drive-up Experience

Ready to be creeped-out? Imagine a horrifying Movie Spooktacular that comes to life; not only on a 40 foot screen, but with characters and sets. The dreadful vibes begin on the drive into the theater and end with creepy short films. Fantastic! The sinister folks at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride even moved their experience from its usual spot at Griffith Park to Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas.

2. Van Nuys/Various: Screamfest Horror Film Festival

Cinematic dread awaits you at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival. The festival features spine-chilling films from independent filmmakers splashed on the big screen. The festival only runs until October 15th. Don’t miss out!

3. LA: Haunt’oween

Immerse yourself in Halloween festivities at Haunt’oween LA. This drive-through experience features socially distanced pumpkin picking, jack-o’-lantern tunnels, skeleton loop and trick-or-treating for the whole family. So, put on your costume and come on down. Begins October 9th.

4. Costa Mesa: Urban Legends of Southern California

Urban Legends of Southern California is a spooky drive-thru experience where guests will hear horrifying tales on hair-raising sets. Live performances and interactive event zones bring the whole experience together. Located at the OC Fair grounds.

5. LA: Stranger Things: The Drive-into Experience

If you can wait until after Halloween, this Stranger Things-themed experience sounds absolutely thrilling. Guests will be transported with petrifying audio and video effects to small-town 80’s life at the Starcourt Mall. Relive the most suspenseful moments from the Stranger Things series. But steer clear of the upside down world!

6. Calabasas: Nights of the Jack

You’ve never seen pumpkins like this! Drive through the celebrities, cartoon characters and sports heroes carved into jack-o’-lanterns in elaborate displays. Purchase tickets online for this all-ages experience. Located along Mulholland Drive in Calabasas, California.

7. Norco: Fright Farms or Not so Spooky Farm

Calling all Halloween sleuths! Fright Farms needs your help finding Emma Parker. Emma’s been missing from the town of Hillsdale. Those daring enough to participate in this drive-through mystery will follow clues to find her. If that sounds altogether too terrifying, guests can also opt for the Not So Spooky Farms adventure. Good fun for all ages. Located in Norco, California.

8. Del Mar: Drive-thru at the Scream Zone: Road Kill

Ready to relive the most terrifying horror films from the DIS-comfort of your own car? Then, buckle up for the Scream Zone. Haunted clowns, blood-sucking vampires, Zombies and more await your arrival. Located in Del Mar, California.

So, plan your night safely and party down! Don’t let Covid keep you from celebrating Halloween this year! Even if you stay at home, slap a costume on and groove to a spooky jam. Let’s get crazy!

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