8 Southern California Halloween Events

Think Halloween is canceled this year? Stay safe, healthy and FUN with these 2020 Southern California Halloween events. HALLOWEEN ISN’T CANCELED THIS YEAR!It’s just different. This complicated virus scares some of us so much we want to run upstairs and hide under the bed. While we all want to stay safe, we must also takeContinue reading “8 Southern California Halloween Events”

How California Propelled the Skateboard Industry Into Profitability

Not all billion-dollar Golden State industries originate in Silicon Valley. Some, like skateboarding, get propelled into profitability by a bunch of So Cal preteens with too much adrenaline. While rudimentary forms of skateboarding have been around for years, it turned into a revenue-making industry right here in California. The Evolution of Skateboarding 1920’s -1930’s: DIYContinue reading “How California Propelled the Skateboard Industry Into Profitability”