11 Best Dog Beaches in California

When I think about the best California dog beaches, I can’t help but think of my own experience. Last summer, we introduced our dog to the beach, with visions of doggie surf contests dancing in our heads. Little did we know that he would be too enchanted with a hot poodle sunning herself to evenContinue reading “11 Best Dog Beaches in California”

8 Southern California Halloween Events

Think Halloween is canceled this year? Stay safe, healthy and FUN with these 2020 Southern California Halloween events. HALLOWEEN ISN’T CANCELED THIS YEAR!It’s just different. This complicated virus scares some of us so much we want to run upstairs and hide under the bed. While we all want to stay safe, we must also takeContinue reading “8 Southern California Halloween Events”

Why Hand-washing Fills Me with Gratitude

Tired of washing your hands ALL THE TIME? In a strange, nostalgic way, hand-washing fills me with gratitude-here’s why. Pink Hand Soap What scent magically transports you into another place and time? For me, it’s the pink soap at the neonatal unit of the ICU. One whiff sends me running to call my first bornContinue reading “Why Hand-washing Fills Me with Gratitude”